Terms and Conditions

How to book a course

You can book a course online by accessing our website, sending an email to: training@messerand.com or contacting any of our regional offices regardless of your preferred location of training:


Notification for cancellation should only be sent in writing or email 21 days prior to the commencement of the course. Messe Rand reserves the right to charge fees if notification is received less than 21 days prior to the commencement of the course.

Postponement / Transfers

Delegates can defer or transfer to another course once a booking has been confirmed. However, such intention must be in writing either by surface mail using any of the addresses below. You can also send through electronic mail: training@messerand.com. Transfers are effected without charge as long as the tuition fees remain the same.


Following course bookings, we shall issue delegates with an invoice containing our bank details. All payments must be received either in USD or GBP (United Kingdom) 14 days prior to the commencement of the course. You can also pay online with debit or credit card. We shall not be responsible for shortfalls arising from transfer charges. All fees are exclusive of VAT.

Refund Policy

Visa arrangements are entirely the responsibility of the delegate. Messe Rand shall provide necessary documentation to aid the delegate’s visa application. Delegates are also encouraged to apply early. Please, contact the nearest Embassy, Consulate or High Commission or in your country where applicable. However, in the event of visa refusal, Messe Rand will refund the delegate under the following terms and conditions:  If Delegate sends a copy of:

  1. The refusal letter, by email, post or fax to Messe Rand
  2. 100{d994a205f152adfda6191880f91bed71843c318d2c225c3fdf0735cf9373a56e} refund if Messe Rand, by omission does not provide sufficient or full supporting documents/information.
  3. 90{d994a205f152adfda6191880f91bed71843c318d2c225c3fdf0735cf9373a56e} refund, the delegate unintentionally fails to satisfy the entry clearance officer of purpose of travel
  4. No refund if there is a wilful misrepresentation of facts to the entry clearance officer.

Ordinary refunds can only be made 14 days prior to the commencement of the course. A written notice should be sent to training@messerand.com stating clearly the reasons for withdrawal at least 21 prior to the commencement of the course. An administrative fee of 5{d994a205f152adfda6191880f91bed71843c318d2c225c3fdf0735cf9373a56e} may apply. All subsequent transfer charges would be borne by the client. However, should a delegate wish to withdraw after a cancellation or postponement of a course by Messe Rand a full refund may apply.

Delegate Grievance Procedure

Messe Rand strives to provide world-class professional human capacity development that meets our client’s expectations; we also accept that it is in the mutual interest of the company and its clients that a formal procedure exists to bring grievances to the attention of the management without prejudice. It is also intended that grievances be resolved as expeditiously as possible. Weekly Evaluation Forms are presented to delegates throughout the duration of the course. A delegate may also make verbal complaints about our services to the Course Administrator on request during the course of the training. Alternatively, delegates may wish to present a written complaint notice addressed to the attention of the Administration Manager by email or post to the addresses provided below and we shall respond to you within seven (7) working days upon receipt: