Strategic Meetings & Events

Attend Business Networking and Partnership Events

We organize strategic business meetings and events to enable networking and facilitate business partnerships

Together with partners from the public and private sector, we organize High-Level Strategic Meetings in different locations around the world. These events aims at fostering bilateral ties through knowledge and technology transfer, as well as business partnerships that would foster FDIs into developing countries.

We strategically support governments’ efforts towards diversification by presenting a realistic value proposition from key agreed investment models identified, including PPPs to a carefully targeted group of potential investors outsourcing specific opportunities and commercial viability.

Our events are planned with particular consideration to the environment, ensuring that responsible decisions are taken during planning, organization, participation and actual implementation. Industries represented are agriculture; trade, healthcare, technology, industrial manufacturing and sustainable development and our key clients are governments, institutions and the private sector.

Our events could be onsite or virtual

Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings allow participants to share information and data in real-time without being physically located together. Due to travel restrictions occasioned by COVID-19, some of our events are strategically positioned to be hosted virtually allowing people to connect, network and collaborate reducing travel risks and expended resources.

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Physical Conference

We facilitate physical events and business meetings. The events are strategically hosted while we help participants to meet travel requirements where required. Strict CoVID-19 protocols are observed to ensure participants get maximum value with minimal travel or health risk.

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We Deliver With Measureable Impact

We have dedicated ourselves to the highest service quality and delivery for every of our potential and returning clients. Excellence makes us stand out.

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