Tax Audit for Multinationals & Large Businesses

Tax Audit for Multinationals & Large Businesses

Tax has become a highly sensitive political issue recently, with multinational companies (MNCs) accused of not paying appropriate amounts in some of the countries in which they operate. Governments, tax authorities and campaign groups are seeking greater transparency – and this has significant consequences for company boards and their audit committees

Large businesses contribute significantly to a nation’s economy and society, providing employment, infrastructure and tax revenue to support the nation and its people. The importance of large business and its overall contribution means it plays a significant role in the tax system. Collaboration between revenue authorities and MNEs allows that the tax system operates as efficiently as possible.

This course is ideal for Senior and middle tax administrators and tax inspectors responsible for or engaged in the audit of multinational enterprises.

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Assist corporations and large business have adequate tax governance and risk management controls in place for transactions locally and internationally.
  • Have a common understanding of large corporations’ businesses to facilitate the identification and evaluation of tax risks.
  • Discuss and evaluate the basis of any claims for legal professional privilege, accountants’ concession on corporate board documents on tax compliance risk
  • Deal with risk as they emerge or magnify
  • Audit committee members need to be aware of the risks associated with tax policies
  • Work with corporations to ensure services are focused on making it easier to comply with tax laws


Course Outline

(Start Date: 6th – 10th May 2024, Cape Town)

  • Compliance Risk Management System
  • Large Business Taxation Administration
  • Innovative Risk Management Approaches for Large Business
  • Exploring Specialized Management of Large Business
  • Establishment of a Risk Management Approaches for Large Business
  • Establishment of a Mechanism for Quick Response to Tax-related Complaints
  • International Taxation Administration
  • Preventing and Cracking Down on International Tax Evasion & Avoidance
  • Advance Pricing Arrangements (APA) and Mutual Agreement Procedures
  • Strengthening Tax Administration of Non-Residents
  • Upgrading Tax Administration and Services for Outbound Investments
  • Tax Inspection
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation & Prosecution



Course Fees

1 Week – $5800

2 Weeks – $7750


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