PPP and Infrastructural Financing

PPP and Infrastructural Financing

This course has been designed to provide participants with a sound understanding of the financing and structuring methods of infrastructure transactions or projects, alongside an overview of public private partnerships (PPP) and its processes.

The course will provide participants with adequate understanding of the key issues in infrastructure projects, risk evaluation and allocation as well as capital structuring issues

This course is ideal for Project Finance Managers, Financial and Business Analysts, risk and investment officers, Corporate Lending Staff, legal, risk and credit analysts, Government officials, ministries and public Sector employees, Consultants and contractors, Staff of PPP regulatory bodies and equity investors

Course Objectives

At the end of this course delegates should be able to:

  • Have an increased awareness of the different funding structures for large infrastructure projects.
  • Explain what a Public Private Partnership or Private financeInitiative entails as well as its benefits or problems.
  • Develop and apply more suitable systems and approaches that will encourage a better relationship or partnership between the public and private sector in terms of financing projects.
  • Understand the fundamentals of the various concepts highlighted in the course.

Course Outline

(Start Date: 22nd – 26th April 2024, Cape Town)

  • Conceptual Framework of Public Private Partnerships (PPP)
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of PPP
  • Types of PPP Models
  • Forms of PPP
  • Financial Structure of PPP
  • Sources of Financing Infrastructure Projects
  • Finance Procedures for Infrastructure
  • Infrastructure Development Through PPP Route
  • Risk Management of Infrastructure Projects
  • Government’s Role in Successful PPP Infrastructure Projects
  • Acquisition Processes of PPP Projects
  • PPP and Social Infrastructure
  • Legal and Contractual Issues of PPP in Infrastructural Projects

Course Fees

1 Week – $5800

2 Weeks – $7750


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