Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors

Financial Auditing for Internal Auditors

This course enables participants to explore concepts that go beyond basic accounting. It aims at enabling participants approach financial auditing with renewed confidence

This course is designed for internal auditors and managers who want to understand and expand their roles related to financial reporting, as well as those who simply need a refresher on financial accounting

Course Objectives

At the end of the program, participants should be able to:

  • Learn how key business processes relate to financial statements, as well as the impact of technology on financial auditing.
  • Be able to analyze an organization’s financial statements using case study exercises
  • Learn how to recognize “red flags” in financial statement reporting

Course Outline

(Start Date: 20th – 24th May 2024, Rotterdam )

  • Accounting and Auditing Review
  • Understanding Accounting Rules, Equations, and Basic Principles
  • Journal Entries for Accounting Purpose
  • Financial Accounting Standards Boards (FASB’s) GAAP Hierarchy
  • Financial Statements Overview
  • Flow of Information from Source Documents to Financial Statement
  • Components of a Financial Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement Financial Accounts
  • Key Ratios from Financial Statements
  • Business Processes and Accounting
  • Management-Level Reporting and Consolidated Financial Statement-Level Reporting
  • Analyzing Data Using Horizontal and Vertical Analysis
  • Revenue Process Activities and Associated Rules
  • Procurement Process Activities and Associated Rules
  • Recall Key Revenue, Liability, and Inventory-Related Ratios
  • Risk Assessment Template for Risk Analysis
  • Basic Elements of Accounting Fraud
  • Five Most Common Financial Games
  • Calculating Financial Indices to use in Analyzing Data
  • Technology and Accounting
  • ERP and Business Processes

Course Fees

1 Week – $5800

2 Weeks – $7750


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