Employee Training

Equipping employees to boost productivity

Messe Rand delivers a wide range of courses that are geared towards improving the efficiency of business processes in both public and private sector organizations. Messe Rand’s courses are based on the latest industry trends. We offer online courses through our E-Learning portal and also deliver directly through our open and tailored programs. Our instructors are highly qualified and experienced in different fields of study. Our aim is to provide a hands-on approach, making your learning experience as comfortable and interactive as possible to ensure quality delivery. Our trainings are uniquely focused to create immediate and long-term impact by:

  • Aligning learning to your operations, finance, sales, service or customer satisfaction goals
  • Ensuring learning adds to your bottom line performance
  • Measuring the business impact of learning outcomes

Our Training Packages

The need to invest in a talented, business-ready workforce is recognized by many leading organizations. More so, this comes at a time when organization face increased pressure for efficiency and cost reduction.
We are helping organizations around the globe meet this challenge.

Open Courses

Messe Rand provides a range of courses designed to provide a hands-on, interactive and practical learning experience. Our courses are designed to meet the practical needs of both large and small organizations within their businesses environment. Our aim is to grow and improve the productivity of your workforce.

In our Open Program, we bring together people from various industries to train them on Infrastructure, Procurement and Public Finance.

Tailored Courses

Messe Rand also provides courses that are tailored/ customized to meet specific client needs on request. These courses are streamlined to meet the immediate needs of clients in various industries, requiring training on specialized courses that are not specified in our programs.

We understand the differences in business processes and industries within the corporate environment. Messe Rand therefore seeks to provide top quality courses tailored to suit these unique needs. Tailored courses can be delivered in any part of the world to the client’s preference.


We create, deliver and manage expert-led collaborative learning experiences at scale. We have combined the best of online learning and in-classroom training to deliver a blended learning solution that effectively and efficiently addresses the priorities of the corporate environment.
Our first-to-market comprehensive corporate eLearning solution will provide you with the technology and the learner support services you need to launch a successful e-Learning program.

Design leads to performance.
Performance leads to success!

Messe Rand gives flexible tools and resources to scale with needs when on the journey of transforming an organization through learning.