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Messe Rand complements advisory services around infrastructure, procurement, and public finance to promote institutional and capacity development. We help organizations scale up operations, project management and planning. At Messe Rand, we simplify unique, client-centered innovative methodology that aligns with organization’s goals with the needs of their customers. Our analysis is drawn from a team of diverse nationals and experienced professionals across the world.


financing rural and urban developmental projects, public-private partnership, project monitoring and evaluation


General contract and project financing, Solution outsourcing, accurate delivery and price standardization

Public Finance

Increasing government revenue, optimizing expenditure, resource allocation, disbursement and budget performance

Bridging Infrastructural Gap

Providing Access to Public Project funding through Private Sector Partnership

Infrastructure Development and Financing

Our project team has its major focus on the areas of infrastructure development and financing of urban and rural areas using environmentally friendly technologies. We can manage an entire project life span, from planning to information management, monitoring and evaluation through to the completion.

Cooperation with the private sector to provide the infrastructure needs of the people have become imperative in view of the growing population as well as the need for the development of other areas.

Messe Rand bridges the gap between the public and private sector. Together with our array of partners, we can provide access to private sector funding thereby enabling public sector funds to be used for other things as well as access to private sector skills and management expertise, thereby leading to increase in the quality of public services and infrastructure.

Our approach to service delivery is to help clients across the globe to exploit new opportunities, improve performance, manage risks and enhance value for both shareholders and stakeholders alike.

Forms of PPP are but not limited to Concession, BOT, BOOT. BOL, BOO, DBOT, ROT, LOM, JDA. BLO.

Public Finance

Government revenue, expenditure, resource allocation and expenditure management are key components of Public Finance.

We assist organizations to adopt pragmatic measures aimed at optimizing the use of available resources, be it in treasury management deployment; tax and revenue solutions or the deployment of standard account management solutions together with our partners, we provide end to end solutions.


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Messe Rand acts as an enabler for all your organizational global sourcing needs.
We work with our partners to ensure ethical and transparent procurement management at the best possible price, when aspects such as quality, quantity, time and location are compared.
We can find, acquire goods works or services from an external source after agreeing to terms. Our clients in this regard are governments, energy industries and security agencies.

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