Our Services

What We Do

Messe Rand gives flexible tools and resources to scale with needs when on the journey of transforming an organization or department. We have dedicated ourselves to helping clients boost performance and productivity, and drive revenue growth.


Advisory Services

Messe Rand complements advisory services around infrastructure, procurement, and public finance to promote institutional and capacity development.

Employee Training

A workforce that is flexible to changing conditions and skilled to meet the demands of advancing technologies can make the difference between success and failure.


Our programs are usually developed with consideration to specific organizations, as we recognize it is important we tailor requirements to different expertise levels and wherever possible conducted with an acute awareness of the need for the participants to learn and understand the new challenges and innovations within their various organizations.

We deliver across all industries

Our services cut across major sectors of the global industry, we have deep penetration, expertise and experience where we have delivered. Such sectors include but not limited to


We provide management consulting for engineering works such as Roads, dams, bridges, canal works for irrigation and drainage


We help government maximize internally generated revenue, optimize expenditure, resource allocation and budget performance.


We facilitate construction and maintenance of world-class health facilities, concession and excellent health-care delivery


We facilitate development and concession of urban transportation, railways, ports and waterways, airports, air transportation

Need to upscale productivity and maximize staff competence in your organization