About Us

Messe Rand is an experienced provider of corporate consultancy services and learning technology, designed to accelerate productivity and growth for your business and organization.

Messe Rand was originally founded in South Africa in 2009 as Randberg Visach. Today, with a global office in Rotterdam, Netherlands, Messe Rand has evolved into a global network of separate member firms, operating internationally in countries around the world. The firms share knowledge, skills and resources. Membership enables firms to work together to provide high quality services in a global scale to local and international clients. Messe Rand often complements activities around consultancy, human capital development, and other activities aimed at promoting enterprise development.

250+Experts and Specializations
4+Offices Globally
13Years of Operation

Our Mission

To enable businesses scale effortlessly bridging skills, knowledge and market gap by connecting them to opportunities across geographical regions irrespective, adapting and thriving under constantly changing business dynamics.

Our Vision

To be at the forefront, driving of business innovations, creativity and scaling, helping organizations maximize and exceed their potentials through skill development and consulting.

Why Choose Messe Rand


We have a wide faculty of world-class experts with wide range of industry experience across different disciplines.

Work Ethics

We hold our clients in high esteem and keep all our relationship professional following the highest standards of business ethics.

Global Coverage

Our clients and partners cuts across different countries with physical presence in two continents and four countries.

Measureable Impact

We approach every challenge pragmatically and empathetically, providing targeted and measurable recommendations.

We imagine, create and deliver world-class consultancy solutions to inspire individual performance and drive organizational success. We provide advisory to ensure business optimization, operational efficiency to enhance seamless scalability.

We approach every challenge pragmatically and empathetically, providing targeted and measurable recommendations to sustain immediate, short and long-term organizational goals.

Messe Rand has clients spread in Africa, Europe, and North America. Today, Messe Rand has corporate presence in London, Tallinn, Washington DC, and a global office in Rotterdam, Netherlands as well as representatives in several countries around the world. The offices work together to provide high quality services on a global scale to international and local clients, while taking advantage of being a local company with international perspective. We have dedicated ourselves to helping clients answer the question of how learning and performance can help boost productivity and drive revenue growth.

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